Monday, November 28, 2011


Yesterday in Sunday school we read a scripture that really impressed me.  I must have needed to hear it.
1 John 5:14-15

14 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his awill, he bheareth us:
15 And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we aask, we know that we have the petitions that we bdesired of him.

I love the word CONFIDENCE.  It's pretty powerful.  Praying with confidence is exercising faith in the Father and trusting His will.  That can be difficult to do sometimes.  However, I have had several experiences in my life that are special to me where I prayed with confidence and saw the Lord's hand manifested.  I will share one that just happened recently.

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Avery's last day of school that week, her class celebrated with a Thanksgiving feast.  I was assigned to bring the pumpkin pies to class that day.  Earlier in the day as I began to think through the logistics as to how I would drop off the pies, I realized that it was going to be difficult for me to take pies to class with two little ones.  How do I carry a baby and a huge pumpkin pie?  I can't leave my baby in the car and I can't leave her in the class room.  I began to call friends and neighbors to see if anyone could watch my kids while I ran the pie to class.  I was out of luck.  I couldn't find anyone to help me.  I admit that this may not seem to be a big dilemma, however at the time I was overwhelmed and wasn't sure what to do.  So, I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to send me some help, in whatever way possible so that I could keep my commitments.  I had confidence that God would answer my prayer. I wasn't sure how.  I didn't need to know how.  I just knew that He would provide a way for me to do what was needed.  Five minutes before I was scheduled to leave, I received a phone call from a friend that lives one street over from me.  She called me and said, "I'm coming to pick up your babies.  I'll be there in just a minute."  This was a miracle.  A real answer to my prayer.  How?  Well, some how I failed to call this friend and ask her for help.  God put the person that I needed in my path just at the right time, when I needed her help.  That is a miracle.  I didn't have to work out the details and worry about how the help would arrive.  All I had to do was pray with confidence that help would arrive, and God took care of the rest. 

When I read this scripture I was reminded that God is aware of us.  He is involved in our lives.  All I have to do is ask, with faith for His help.  Having confidence when I ask for His help really does bring peace to my soul because I know that I am not alone.  That is such a wonderful feeling to know that a loving Heavenly Father is always available to help us.  All we have to do is ask with confidence and help is on the way!

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Carol said...

God is good - ALL the time!!